With more than 12 years of expertise in graphic design and art direction, and over 5 years in harnessing artificial intelligence for creative purposes, I not only provide clients with visually stunning and impactful communications but also, as an artist, explore the critical boundaries and tension areas in the collaborative interplay between humans and AI, creating works that are both beautiful and thought-provoking.


Clayborn - Meditation on Human-AI Interface

An experimental short film crafted with AI-generated visuals & two-channel video installation, 2024

UROBOROS Festival 2023 

festival visuals, 2023

AI Awards 2023

generated artworks, 2023

Strange Attractions

generative artwork, installation, AR filters, 2019


generative artwork, artistic research, 2021-22

Personalized Synthetic Advertising

deepfake video, speculative scenario, essay, 2020