I specialize in designing transformative experiences that catalyze a profound shift in perception through embodied engagement, fostering critical and creative approaches to emerging digital technologies.


Tuning In: Alternatives to Human-AI Co-Creation

Guided group meditation with speculative projection and deep embodied experience followed by hands-on rapid prototyping, 2023

Reimagining Human-AI Co-Creation through Encountering (Sour)Dough

Group experience of exploring tactile conversation with non-human agents while talking about human-AI co-creation, 2023

Co-imagination with Artificial Intelligence

Guided meditation with visualization followed by speech2img feedback loop, 2023

Scrying through AI

Group experience with “synthetic verbal collaging” - a projective technique for co-imagining divergent futures with AI through text-to-image feedback loop, 2021-22

Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality

Speculative brainstorming and rapid prototyping of future AI scenarios using specially designed brainstorming cards, 2019-22

Virtual Develoutopia

Site-specific installation, happening, participatory intervention in the public space using virtual reality, 2018-19