Tuning In: Alternatives to Human-AI Co-Creation

Guided group meditation with speculative projection and deep embodied experience followed by hands-on rapid prototyping, 2023

Our daily interactions with AI form a collaborative relationship that often goes unrecognized. The limited communication we share is rooted in AI’s learning from our messy and uncurated datasets, reflecting societal flaws, past prejudices, and stereotypes we hope to one day leave behind. In both creative co-creation and user experience, AI strives to please, offering answers tailored to our requests without any true grasp of our embodied and emotional states or individual mindset. The belief that we're interacting with an empathetic entity that understands our needs is a mere illusion. 

This workshop invites participants to envision an alternate trajectory of AI development—one where natural language isn't the primary mode of human-AI interaction and tactile interfaces take precedence. We'll explore the potential affordances and implications of this shift. What if AI could 'tune in' as intuitively as we attune our bodies?

This workshop invites you to a guided meditation with speculative projection and deep embodied experiences. It will be followed by a critical discussion and hands-on rapid prototyping of the concepts envisioned, using readily available AI tools. Participants are encouraged to bring their own laptops. No previous AI experience is required.

Tuning In: Alternatives to Human-AI Co-Creation(2023)
2023Tuning in to Each Other: Alternatives to Human-AI Co-creation / Uroboros Festival 2023 feat. Fresh Eye, Krenovka, Prague, CZ

This workshop originated at Academy of Performing Arts in Prague as part of the project "Generative Neural Networks and Human Imagination: Participatory Approaches to Synthetic Media Production" with the support of the Institutional Endowment for the Longterm Conceptual Development of the Research Institutes, as provided by the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sports of the Czech Republic in the year 2023.