AI Awards 2023

generative artworks, 2023

Commission for the Prague-based nonprofit initiative to deliver 6 generated awards for  the winners of AI Awards 2023. 

The brief called for six distinct visuals, each crafted to encapsulate the laureates’ accomplishments, formatted to specific dimensions, and destined for a custom frame with calligraphic flourishes. The frames and calligraphy were done separately by other professionals, and the inclusion of the generative prompts themselves was also a request — adding another layer of complexity to the task.

In this project, it was my human touch that sculpted the visual narrative, selecting a palette that whispered of opulence, a central motif that spoke of victory, and stylized icons that narrated each triumph against a backdrop of lavish baroque florals. In my mind’s eye, I visualized a tableau alive with the dance of flowers and foliage, tendrils of ribbons, and the sheen of gold and platinum — all cast in the moody hues of indigo, dark green, and ruby red. These elements were poised upon a pedestal, bathed in the dramatic light cascading from above, against a backdrop shrouded in mystery. This visual feast was a deliberate alchemy of dynamic vitality and structured symmetry, weaving together the threads of classic and contemporary motifs into a tapestry of refined excess. The selection was far from arbitrary, drawing from a wellspring of expertise in visual communication, art history, and contemporary visual trends, honed by years of professional experience.

The final outcomes are all a bit different, yet part of the same visual concept. The awards are a testament to the state of the art of Gen AI in 2023. They pay homage to the sophisticated tools at play and radiate the essence of current generative art trends. Echoing the opulent days of Baroque and Rococo (with a bit of a Gucci spark), these images marry the extravagance of the past with the sleekness of modern design. It is a dialogue between ages, showcasing AI’s progressive nature while rooted firmly in the rich soil of human artistic heritage

Each award, adorned with intricate gold filigree and bursts of floral splendor, is an embodiment of luxury and achievement. Gold, the timeless emblem of prestige and prosperity, takes center stage, lending an air of distinguished honor to the awards. Against the mysterious canvas of deep purples and blacks, the elements of the design emerge with striking clarity, inviting onlookers to delve deeper into the narrative.

The lush botanicals are not merely decorative; they symbolize the blossoming potential and relentless growth inherent in AI. The elaborate swirls and ornate patterns evoke the complex networks and algorithms that are the lifeblood of AI technology, a testament to the symbiotic relationship between human creativity and artificial intellect.

Read more about the creative process behind this project in my Medium article:

AI Awards 2023

for, Czech Republic

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