Uroboros Festival 

festival visual identity, 2020-2023

Uroboros Festival is a festival of art and design research that has evolved from speculative and critical design practices to wider definition of reflective creative practices exploring feral ways of making change in this world. I am a co-founder of this festival as well as the designer of its visual identity and 4 editions of festival visuals. 

The first two editions of the festival were purely digital, which posed a specific challenge to design mostly for Zoom interfaces, Instagram stories and live-stream OBS windows. Since 2022 the festival has entered a physical domain, while still keeping a hybrid format to reach the global community it gathered during the pandemic times. The visual identity thus balances between the physical and the digital, between the organic and the synthetic. 

At the core of the identity, there is the rotating logo of Uroboros, that successfully irritates Uroboros festival’s website visitors and visually unites all editions of the festival. The visuals are usually derived from an initial digital animation and then translated to the other visual communication formats. Neon colors and bold shapes co-exist with gentle gradients and comforting blurry areas that trigger fluffy imagination. AI-generated content has been part of Uroboros’ visuals since 2020, finding its way into the identity through generated uroboros images, generated backgrounds, AI-enhanced and generated animations as well as generated photo documentation. This design aims to accommodate variety of messages, uniting them under an umbrella of critical urgency as well as collective care.   

-> UROBOROS FESTIVAL 2023: Feral Bodies, Synthetic Rituals
-> UROBOROS FESTIVAL 2022: Shedding the Skin
-> UROBOROS FESTIVAL 2021: Designing in Troubling Times
-> UROBOROS FESTIVAL 2020: Designing in Troubling Times


Uroboros collective, Prague, CZ

visual identity, festival visuals, animations, AI art direction