In my artistic journey, research has always been a cornerstone, intertwining deeply with my creative process. Since 2020, this pursuit has led me to academia, where I am delving into a PhD at the Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, focusing on the intersection of artificial intelligence and artistic practice. This academic endeavor enriches my work with profound insights and a rigorous understanding of AI's evolving role in the realm of art, allowing me to push the boundaries of creative expression and technological exploration.


Creative AI Cards 2024

/ brainstorming tool, 2024

Elements of Human-AI Co-Creation

Modular approach to Human-AI Co-Creation 

/ brainstorming tool, workshops, 2023

TroublingGAN: Generated Visual Ambiguity as a Speculative Alternative to Photojournalism

Creating knowledge through the alternative use of neural networks in artistic research.

/Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, 2021-22

Sensing the Synthetic

Collective experiments with somatic approach to AI and synthetic media analysis.

/Uroboros Festival, 2022

Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality

Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality is a participatory project that aims to collect and analyze the ideas, scenarios, absurd dreams, hopes and fears concerning the emergence of AI-generated synthetic media.

/self-initiated research project, 2019-22

The Visual Language of Real-Estate Projects in Bratislava’s Manhattan

This visual research analyzes visual language and strategies of real-estate developer companies, specifically the ones connected to the controversial development of the new city center of Slovakia’s capital Bratislava. It brings together visual research methods with critical and speculative design practice and explores innovative ways of communicating the research to the non-professional public.

/self-initiated research project, 2018-19