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Strange Attractions

StyleGAN experiments, AR filter 2020

           "Strange Attractions is when your outlook on life changes, that it may seem to your cognitively dimming self, that there are some awesome things happening around the world. That seems to be just about the safest thought that you can have. If the safest possible thought is also the right or most interesting one to be having, that's how you can get excited about flying over the Great Barrier Reef, finding Earth's oldest fossils on an old underwater mountain in Montana or looking at the newly discovered habitability of a deep, hot lake on Mars.

If you find that you can't find excitement for the same reasons you used to, then we must stop being ambivalent about that. You can't help being attracted to danger if you do not like the environment." (this paragraph of text was generated with a text-based generative model GPT-2:

In a collaboration with Pavol Rusnak ︎ we generated thousands of uncanny looking, but beautiful human faces from StyleGAN ︎. These faces are results of randomized vector inputs and definitely not that kind of use StyleGAN was intended for. However, taking an unexpected turn and choosing a different pathway is what usually brings new ideas. We could be imagining that this is what it looks like inside of StyleGAN’s dreams. The interrupted process of imagining a face. From more abstract to more concrete, these faces are surprisingly colorful look inside the face synthesis and comes with mesmerizing aesthetic.

As a tribute to the website ︎ we launched ︎, where you can generate one of these faces each time you click/refresh.


We also made the Instagram face filter that puts Strange Attractions on your face. This way everyone can experience the level of creepiness these ambiguos faces bring.  

Search IG filters by the name: Strange Attractions or find it on my profile:

Strange Attractions meet Avatarify: