Elements of Human-AI Co-Creation

Modular approach to Human-AI Co-Creation / brainstorming tool, workshops, 2023

As the realm of AI technology expands, it's crucial for artists to delve into meaningful and intentional integration of generative AI tools within their creative processes. This brainstorming tool offers a structured approach, framing the interplay of human and AI creativity as a modular system, fostering a more nuanced comprehension of the various components and actions encompassed in AI-media synthesis.

At the core of this system are octagonal shapes and arrows which elucidate the intricate workflow inherent to human-AI collaboration. These tools aren't just for conceptualizing new processes; they can also deconstruct existing methods, streamlining them into digestible steps.

Octagons depict the substance of AI-media synthesis—what the artist shapes directly. They're segmented into color-coded media types: visuals, sound, text, 3D, attributes, metadata, and even an abstract category for conceptual content. Arrows, meanwhile, denote actions taken, whether initiated by humans or AI—such as synthesis, recognition, and estimation.

Importantly, blank octagons and arrows are also provided, allowing artists to infuse their own innovative, human-derived content. Actions such as conceptualizing, reinterpreting, and translating across forms or mediums—integral to artistic practice—needn't be automated within the human-AI collaborative sphere. Artists can also produce content traditionally, be it through hand-drawn sketches, dances, melodies, and more.

This tool challenges the misconception that human-AI co-creation is wholly synthetic, relegating the artist to a mere mediator of inputs and outputs. Instead, it accentuates the depth of artistic contribution within the human-AI collaboration, spotlighting the artist's intrinsic creative prowess.

Artists are thus inspired to sculpt their distinctive co-creative workflows using this flexible system, assessing the depth of human involvement at every stage. This immersive venture into human-Ai co-creation not only paves the way for unanticipated outcomes but also equips artists with a blueprint for ongoing exploration. Additionally, they gain profound insights into the boundaries of generative AI, refining their approach to transcend mediocrity.

Elements of Human-AI Co-Creation

The tool was used in workshops:

Co-Creation with AI Algorithms: participatory perspectives to AI-media Synthesis / FAMU & Petrohradská Kolektiv, Prague, CZ,

Generativní nástroje AI v uměleckém procesu / studios DDT & GDVK, UMPRUM, Prague, CZ

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