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Dolejšová, Markéta & Hámošová, Lenka. (2021 - forthcoming). Designing in Troubling Times: Notes from the Uroboros Festival. In NERD - New Experimental Research in Design. Edited by  Michael Erlhoff  & Wolfgang Jonas. Birkhauser Basel.

A future scenario for deepfakes: personalised synthetic advertising ︎︎︎ | Dossier on Deepfakes, The Hmm, 09-06-2020

Case Study: Speculative Development of Bratislava ︎ | SpeculativeEdu, 24-02-2020

Speculative time-travel as an alternative to architecture visualisation ︎ / Critical Daily, 10-11-2019

A utopian vision of the city – easy to fall for, hardly becoming true.︎/ Critical Daily, 9-11-2019

Hámošová, Lenka (2019). How Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) changed the way we look at the world Or the necessity of visual scepticism in the post-truth era ︎ / in DATATATA, 
Data and Art 2019, Conference Proceedings, Brno, Czechia,
ISBN 978-80-214-5821-5

Provokatívne témy a nečakané riešenia pre dizajn v znepokojivej dobe. Prvý ročník Uroboros festivalu ︎︎︎ | e-designum, 16-06-2020

Dizajn v znepokojivej dobe ︎e-designum, 20-02-2020 

Virtuálna develoutópia na Nivách ︎ / e-designum, 18-12-2019 

Krásavica snívajúca pri Dunaji /Material Times #4, 2019 (ISSN 2464-742X)