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Book chapters
Hamosova, Lenka & Rusnak, Pavol (2020). Bob Ross Lives! Workshop on the creative potential of GANs. In Hackers & Designers: Coded Bodies. Hackers & Designers, Amsterdam.

Dolejšová, Markéta & Hámošová, Lenka. (2021 - forthcoming). Designing in Troubling Times: Notes from the Uroboros Festival. In NERD - New Experimental Research in Design. Edited by  Michael Erlhoff  & Wolfgang Jonas. Birkhauser Basel.

Conference papers
Hámošová, Lenka (2019). How Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) changed the way we look at the world Or the necessity of visual scepticism in the post-truth era︎. In DATATATA,  Data and Art 2019, Conference Proceedings, Brno, Czechia, ISBN 978-80-214-5821-5

Online articles
Budúcnosť umelej inteligencie v dizajne a umení | e-Designum, 10-11-2020

Experimentation with AI models needs to be balanced with critical reflection | Critical Daily, 10-11-2020
Deepfakes entering visual communication bring visual uncertainty | Critical Daily, 28-07-2020

Provokatívne témy a nečakané riešenia pre dizajn v znepokojivej dobe. Prvý ročník Uroboros festivalu | e-Designum, 16-06-2020

A future scenario for deepfakes: personalised synthetic advertising ︎︎︎ | Dossier on Deepfakes, The Hmm, 09-06-2020

Case Study: Speculative Development of Bratislava | SpeculativeEdu, 24-02-2020

Dizajn v znepokojivej dobe | e-designum, 20-02-2020

Virtuálna develoutópia na Nivách / e-designum, 18-12-2019  

Speculative time-travel as an alternative to architecture visualisation / Critical Daily, 10-11-2019

A utopian vision of the city – easy to fall for, hardly becoming true.︎/ Critical Daily, 9-11-2019

Magazine articles
Krásavica snívajúca pri Dunaji /Material Times #4, 2019 (ISSN 2464-742X)