synthetic media & creative AI


Uroboros Festival 
festival of socially-engaged art & design, 2020-23

generative artwork, installation, essay, 2021-22

Personalized Synthetic Advertising video, speculative scenario, essay, 2020

Strange Attractions
generative artwork, installation, AR filters, 2019

Virtual Develoutopia
VR installation, public intervention, speculative, 2019

#apathy #survival #whatever
video essay,  site-specific installation, 2014


Co-Creation with AI Algorithms: participatory perspectives to AI-media synthesis, 2023

Co-Imagination: Negotiating w/ AI-algorithms, 2023

Elements of Human-AI Co-Creation, 2023

Sensing the Synthetic, 2022

Scrying Through AI, 2021

Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality, 2018-2020

Bob Ross Lives!, 2019

More Images More Power, 2015

Journal articles:

Hámošová, Lenka. 2023. ‘Modelling Clay as a Medium: Reimagining Human-AI Co-Creation Through Tactile Exploration’. Tangible Territory, no. 6. https://tangibleterritory.art/journal/issue-6-content/modelling-clay-as-a-medium/.

Hamosova, Lenka, and Pavol Rusnak. ‘TroublingGAN: Generated Visual Ambiguity as a Speculative Alternative to Photojournalism’. Journal of Artistic Research. (forthcoming, 2023)

Book chapters: 

Dolejšová, Markéta, and Lenka Hámošová. 2021. ‘Designing in Troubling Times: Experimental Engagements with Socio-Ecological Challenges at the Uroboros Festival’. In NERD - New Experimental Research in Design 2, edited by Michelle Christensen, Ralf Michel, and Wolfgang Jonas, 36–52. De Gruyter. https://doi.org/10.1515/9783035623666-004.

Hamosova, Lenka, and Pavol Rusnak. 2020. ‘Bob Ross Lives! - Workshop on the Creative Potential of GANs’. In Coded Bodies, edited by Margarita Osipian, 102–17. Amsterdam: Hackers & Designers.

Conference papers:

Hámošová, Lenka. 2021. ‘Syntetické Médiá a Nové Vnímanie Reality’. In HUMAIN, edited by Roman Novotný and Alina Matějová, 68–79. Brno: FLOW & FAVU VUT Brno.

Hámošová, Lenka. 2019. ‘How Generative Adversarial Networks (GANs) Changed the Way We Look at the World Or the Necessity of Visual Scepticism in the Post-Truth Era.’ In Data and Art 2019 Conference Proceedings, 117–43. Brno: Brno University of Technology Faculty of Fine Arts.

Hamosova, Lenka. 2022. ‘TroublingGAN: Creating Knowledge through the Alternative Use of Neural Networks in Artistic Research’. Medium. AIxDesign (blog). 2022. https://medium.com/aixdesign/troublinggan-fa98eea2e37f.

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Hamosova, Lenka. 2020. ‘Case Study: Speculative Development of Bratislava’. SpeculativeEdu. 10 February 2020. http://speculativeedu.eu/case-study-speculative-development-of-bratislava/.

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