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The Visual Language of Real-Estate Projects in Bratislava’s Manhattan


visual research 

            This visual research analyses visual language and strategies of real-estate developer companies, specifically the ones connected to the controversial development of the new city centre of Slovakia’s capital Bratislava. It brings together visual research methods with critical and speculative design practice and explores innovative ways of communicating the research to the non-professional public.

In Bratislava, different real estate companies are building multiple ambitious projects on a relatively small site, which causes concerns about the density of population, traffic load and gentrification of the new and neighbouring districts. The public and professional discussion were practically disabled with smart marketing strategies overshadowing any critical thought with ecstatic utopia. While researching the visual language and strategies used by the companies to manufacture public consent with their development, we were trying to find the most suitable way of communicating the findings without being disregarded as inadequate critique.