synthetic media & creative AI


Uroboros Festival 
festival of socially-engaged art & design, 2020-23

generative artwork, installation, essay, 2021-22

Personalized Synthetic Advertising video, speculative scenario, essay, 2020

Strange Attractions
generative artwork, installation, AR filters, 2019

Virtual Develoutopia
VR installation, public intervention, speculative, 2019

#apathy #survival #whatever
video essay,  site-specific installation, 2014


Co-Creation with AI Algorithms: participatory perspectives to AI-media synthesis, 2023

Co-Imagination: Negotiating w/ AI-algorithms, 2023

Elements of Human-AI Co-Creation, 2023

Sensing the Synthetic, 2022

Scrying Through AI, 2021

Collective Vision of Synthetic Reality, 2018-2020

Bob Ross Lives!, 2019

More Images More Power, 2015

Generative Neural Networks and Human Imagination: Participatory Approaches to Synthetic Media Production 

/ Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, 2022-2023

The project explores the possibilities of collective participation in AI media synthesis in order to observe the impact of the generated AI outputs on human imagination and the creation of social imaginaries of the future through a series of expert workshops. Current "text-to-image" neural networks participate as a nonhuman entity in the process of collective negotiation of speculative future scenarios. Participatory methods of co-creation, reflexive artistic practice and analysis of synthetic collages will result in the creation of a fictional landscape of hybrid social imagination in the form of an audiovisual essay, a project documentation and a scholarly article.

Applications of Synthetic Media in Audiovisual Production (PhD Thesis)  

/ Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, 2020-2024

Synthetic media, i.e. media generated by artificial intelligence, bring incredible new possibilities for audiovisual creation. In addition to the advantage of generating photorealistic material, their existence brings with it several ethical issues related to the representation of reality. What impact do synthetic media have on the importance of realistic representation in audiovisual production, and how do they change the role of the audiovisual creator working with artificial intelligence? This project aims to explore emerging tools for the production of synthetic media and their possible application in audiovisual production. The project will explore possible ways of producing synthetic media and their use in contemporary art and film through analysis of current examples of synthetic media application, experimentation with different generative models and structured observation in the form of expert workshops.

Extending the ML/AI Creative Toolkit - Experimental Workflows in Artistic Practice

/ Academy of Performing Arts in Prague, 2021

Project maps the emerging field of AI art, experiment with selected machine learning models and new creative practices. The aim of this artistic research activity is to find new ways of working with ML/AI models, as well as ways of using synthetic media in audiovisual production, defining individual sub-procedures and preparing a set of creative workflows for future use in doctoral studies. The output of the project is a peer-reviewed study documenting the original procedures from the experimental phase and a workshop focused on the use of creative ML/AI tools in artistic practice.

  • A journal article TroublingGAN: generated visual ambiguity as a speculative alternative to photojournalism (currently in peer-review process in Journal of Artistic Research)
  • Workshop Scrying Through AI 

The Visual Language of Real-Estate Projects in Bratislava’s Manhattan

/ 2018-19

This visual research analyzes visual language and strategies of real-estate developer companies, specifically the ones connected to the controversial development of the new city center of Slovakia’s capital Bratislava. It brings together visual research methods with critical and speculative design practice and explores innovative ways of communicating the research to the non-professional public.

  • Essay for SpeculativeEdu 
  • Magazine article: Krásavica snívajúca pri Dunaji /Material Times #4, 2019 (ISSN 2464-742X)

2018 Vizuální jazyk developerských projektů bratislavského Manhattanu / Fresh Eye: Obraz vs. Gentrifikace, CAMP, Prague, CZ

2019 Vizuální jazyk developerských projektů bratislavského Manhattanu /Praha v Brne, Brno, CZ

2019 Develodystópie /DAAD, Primaciálny Palác, Bratislava, SK

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